Naming + Brand Identity + Landing Page


Located in Chicago’s northwest suburbs, the Veridian concept is slated to be a mixed-use  campus featuring residential and office space, hotel, entertainment, dining, and urban-esque street retail districts.


The client, Veridian’s founders, needed a brand identity (and landing page) that would pique the interest of potential consumers/renters while also telling the narrative of a sophisticated urban experience close to home.  

Yet to be built, the Veridian concept is largely aspirational. The copy tells a story about community, possibility, and togetherness; each vignette (Eat, Work, Play, Shop, Live, Stay) aims to connect the audience with a chance to embark on the new adventures and experiences that await them at Veridian. This vision is more fully realized in the video, where, backed by a narrative of warmth, familiarity, and affection, people gather in alternating scenes of enjoyment and shared experience.

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Chicago, IL, USA