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Neutrogena Makeup

The client wanted a campaign that touted the skincare benefits of their new makeup by highlighting key ingredients and demonstrating dermatologist-backed formulation. 


Band-Aid often reminds consumers to Be Ready For Anything; in this campaign, the client wanted to illustrate the various potential use cases for their first-aid essentials. Whether on the playground or playing field, there's right-fit first-aid to get you through any oops, uh-oh, or oh-no!

Back to  School Wound Care Display


It's no secret that recess can get a little rowdy. The client wanted a back-to-school first aid display in Target that would appeal to moms at a time when they're primed to stock up: back to school. The first display targets elementary school children while the second aims for more mature students. 

Neutrogena x Kotex

Let's face it, sometimes periods mean breakouts. That's why Neutrogena partnered with Kotex. The plan? Help college women be prepared by stocking up on essentials for their monthly menses. The resulting creative is spot-on, if I do say so myself. 


Kroger Winter + Summer Skincare Displays

Kroger wanted to attract shoppers who purchased their seasonal skincare elsewhere. We developed one-stop-shop displays to accommodate their seasonal needs, from summer SPF to winter dryness. 

Aveeno Kids