Recruitment Brochure & Campaign


Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Cerner supplies health information technology solutions, services, and hardware throughout the world. As a healthcare technology company, Cerner competes against some of the country’s biggest tech companies for top talent; however, their location in Kansas City is a disadvantage to attracting candidates who likely seek opportunities in areas such as Silicon Valley.


Due to these unique obstacles, the client requested a recruitment campaign (featured in the brochure) that highlighted the significance and impact of their work in a relatable, tangible way. The resulting campaign features actual Cerner employees who performed noteworthy achievements in their fields. Each narrative describes the employee’s significant obstacle and the resultant real-world impact their solution affected. The campaign’s sign off reminds the audience of the possibilities that accompany a career at Cerner, and prompt reflection about what they, too, could accomplish as a potential employee.


The brochure, which features portions of the campaign, seeks to illustrate Cerner’s contribution to the to the technology realm, and how that work translates into real world impact on the administration of healthcare throughout the globe. The brochure’s bold gridded masonry features notable facts, achievements, and fields of employment, while photos and narratives of actual employees help paint a portrait of a company where real people can embark on meaningful work.

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