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The Cheesecake Factory

On-Cor: 2020


The client desired a campaign to remind consumers that On-Cor is the ideal meal choice when life gets chaotic. The tag line, “do your best, forget the rest,” takes a lighthearted approach in giving our audience permission to forego perfection in favor of ease. 

Because On-Cor's jingle is one of its most salient brand assets, we decided to leverage the audio branding as a way to tell the do your best, forget the rest narrative in our commercials. Each spot features a character(s) who narrates their challenges to the jingle's melody, ultimately paving the way for On-Cor to rescue the day.  

​We also developed two radio spots for this campaign, each maintaining consistency in messaging with their TV counterparts and allowing On-Cor to shine as a meal solution in an unpredictable world. 

This campaign resulted in a 20% increase in sales during the final quarter of 2020.



On-Cor: 2019

Our client was seeking a light refresh on some previous advertising efforts, ultimately opting for two digital radio spots. The messaging needed to align with existing communication around "one of those nights" (when life is busy and you need a quick meal on the table). 

The resulting radio spots use a soundscape to paint the narrative of a chaotic home that's ultimately saved by On-Cor. 



Renowned for their irreverence and social media trolling, Wendy's needed a recruitment campaign that leveraged their brand tone while enticing applicants to consider a job at their restaurants. The messaging would need to feel fresh, but also appeal to a broad audience—teenagers, college students, and retirees alike. The following creative concepts are a whimsical, on-brand approach to the campaign messaging.

Wendy's Campaign
Wendy's campaign
Cerner Campaign

Cerner: Print Campaign

the client requested a recruitment campaign that highlighted the significance and impact of their work in a relatable, tangible way. The resulting campaign features actual Cerner employees who performed noteworthy achievements in their fields. Each narrative describes the employee’s significant obstacle and the resultant impact of their solution. The brochure, which features portions of the campaign, seeks to illustrate Cerner’s contribution to the technology realm, and how that work translates into real world impact on the administration of healthcare throughout the globe.


The Cheesecake Factory: Print Campaign

The Cheesecake Factory was looking for a fun, engaging recruitment campaign that spoke to both front and back of house employees. It was important that the campaign address the needs of prospective employees (flexible hours, enough shifts, supportive coworkers), while also highlighting a culture dedicated to quality food, excellent service, and camaraderie. The resulting creative features a series of satisfying moments during each employees' workday. The copy, presented in short narratives, expands on "that moment when," in order to create a well-rounded story that appeals to prospective candidates. Unified by a versatile, energetic tagline, the campaign is an apt demonstration of The Cheesecake Factory's vibrant, effusive culture.


MERCK: Recruitment Print  Brochure

In light of their new branding, Merck needed revamped recruitment marketing materials and updated brand messaging. Targeted at military veterans, the brochure below hinges on a sense of patriotism, honor, and service. The messaging ensures potential candidates that a career with Merck will allow them to continue to serve humanity; that both candidate and corporation are working towards a better world, and that a career with Merck is a partnership of aligned values and experiences.