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On-Cor: 2020


The client desired a campaign to remind consumers that On-Cor is the ideal meal choice when life gets chaotic. The tag line, “do your best, forget the rest,” takes a lighthearted approach in giving our audience permission to forego perfection in favor of ease. 

Because On-Cor's jingle is one of its most salient brand assets, we decided to leverage the audio branding as a way to tell the do your best, forget the rest narrative in our commercials. Each spot features a character(s) who narrates their challenges to the jingle's melody, ultimately paving the way for On-Cor to rescue the day.  

​We also developed two radio spots for this campaign, each maintaining consistency in messaging with their TV counterparts and allowing On-Cor to shine as a meal solution in an unpredictable world. 

This campaign resulted in a 20% increase in sales during the final quarter of 2020.

Banner Ads
On-Cor Digital Banner


On-Cor: 2019

Our client was seeking a light refresh on some previous advertising efforts, ultimately opting for two digital radio spots. The messaging needed to align with existing communication around "one of those nights" (when life is busy and you need a quick meal on the table). 

The resulting radio spots use a soundscape to paint the narrative of a chaotic home that's ultimately saved by On-Cor. 

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