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The client, Gerding Edlen, began developing a new luxury apartment building near Chicago’s West Loop, and needed a brand that would appeal to young, urban-dwelling families with trendy sensibilities. Brand development commenced with the creation of a clean, modern aesthetic that complemented a confident, approachable voice. Characterized by self-expression, comfort, and familiarity, the EMME brand copy copy seeks to ignite the audience’s memory of home, and hopes to welcome tenants to a place where they feel welcomed and connected.

EMME brand guide
EMME brand guide
EMME brand guide
EMME brand guide
EMME brand guide
EMME brand guide
EMME brand guide
EMME brand guide
EMME brand guide
EMME brand guide
EMME brand guide
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EMME brand guide

Blue Chip: Tone + Voice Construction

In tandem with rebranding efforts, Blue Chip created an internal guide for brand messaging and tone. The guide delineates content purpose and proper communication in the Blue Chip voice, including notation of values, mission, and purpose. Perhaps equally importantly, the guide explains how not to communicate, outlining the nuances of exact tone. 

Blue Chip Brand Guide


Nutraceuticals: Brand Guides

With a portfolio of dozens of health and wellness brands and hundreds of products, Nutraceuticals wanted to streamline messaging for a handful of its key brands. We curated identity guides for over 8 brands total, delineating target audience, brand differentiators, tone, palette, fonts, and photography. Each brand required nuanced positioning that took careful consideration of product benefits and consumer values. The creative below features identity guides forLife-Flo, Aubrey, Solaray, and Sunny Green.


Life-FloAs a holistic self-care brand for middle-aged women,  Life-Flo tells a narrative about confident women thriving in their best life. Photography is bright and authentic, and "flowy" watercolors are used as a both a reference to the brand name and an indication of graceful beauty. 

Aubrey: A pioneer in the natural beauty industry, Aubrey boasts a product line free of synthetic ingredients. The key to the brand's identity guide would be a spirited tone, bold photography, and a sense of individualism that the brand so clearly champions. 

Sunny Green: Aimed at health-conscious millennials, Sunny Green's brand of superfoods would invoke a sense of exploration, adventure, and possibility. Photography would be nature-heavy and feature product usage in food and beverages, ultimately telling a story of earth-derived wellness. 


Solaray: One of Nutraceutical's largest brands, Solaray presented a unique challenge in articulating a visual approach that reflected the brand's narrative and broad product line. The resulting creative reflects a color-driven aesthetic that illustrates how Solaray's products can be integrated in all facets of life. 

Life-Flo Brand Guide
Sunny Green Brand Guide
Aubrey Brand Guide
Solaray Brand Guide

Screamin' Sicilian: Brand Voice + Tone Guide

As they embarked on a new campaign, the client needed to streamline their messaging across various communication touch points. We developed a short voice and tone guide to help them maintain consistency in how they speak to their audiences. The result is a whimsical yet focused approach to the brand's message. 

Screamin' Sicilian Voice Guide


Naming + Brand Identity + Landing Page

Located in Chicago’s northwest suburbs, the Veridian concept is slated to be a mixed-use  campus featuring residential and office space, hotel, entertainment, dining, and urban-esque street retail districts.


The client, Veridian’s founders, needed a brand identity (and landing page) that would pique the interest of potential consumers/renters while also telling the narrative of a sophisticated urban experience close to home.  

Yet to be built, the Veridian concept is largely aspirational. The copy tells a story about community, possibility, and togetherness; each vignette (Eat, Work, Play, Shop, Live, Stay) aims to connect the audience with a chance to embark on the new adventures and experiences that await them at Veridian. This vision is more fully realized in the video, where, backed by a narrative of warmth, familiarity, and affection, people gather in alternating scenes of enjoyment and shared experience.

Veridian site image: home
Veridian website image: play
Veridian website image: shop
Veridian website image: eat
Veridian website image: live
Veridian website image: stay
Veridian website image: work
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