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If you've ever said, I'm no writer, but... 

I'm here to help. And good for you, admission is the first step.

My name is Charlotte, and I have been writing since I was in the womb (probably). Professionally, I have experience in marketing, branding, campaigns—a little bit of everything. I'm creative. I'm curious. And I'm skilled at dynamic, effective communication across a variety of mediums.


Both curious and  creative, I pride myself on versatile writing capabilities and a boundless, perhaps nerdy, enthusiasm for ideas. 




One of the best creative writers I've worked with. Charlotte has been wonderful to work with across a variety of brands and projects. She has always brought a tremendous amount of passion, artistry, and open-mindedness to her work, and her enthusiasm is infectious. As a writer, her ability to adopt to different writing styles, mood, and tone is a tremendous asset, and has ensured that we not only stay on brand but that we are able to accurately reflect our client's voice accurately and dynamically. I have had the pleasure of working with Charlotte across two companies, dozens of industries, and a myriad of projects and clients. Charlotte is a creative through and through."

 Dan Shaker

 Executive Creative Director,

Shaker Recruitment Marketing



(847) 533 - 8671

Chicago, IL, USA